The Story Behind AlphaBound
Long rides in the car are boring. Among the couple of word games came out the basic version of the game. The driver and unwitting passengers each take turns adding a single letter to the right of the chain to avoid finishing a word. Ending the chain that makes an English word loses.

Fast forward. What about adding a letter in front of the chain? LetterJAM! was born. Now you need a special database dictionary, which AlphaBound has built from an existing online open source of English words. www.letterjam.com.

Always Running -- Always Playing -- Always Learning
Children and youth are about energy. Sometimes they fall to misdirection, but paving a range of pathways can aid a child to focus, learn and become self-teaching. As long as a child avoids stagnation and keeps active in some worthy pursuit, learning becomes sustainable. Teachers can transform an exercise into an inspiration. No one at any age should ever stop running, playing and, yes, learning.

Three S's of Learning
Spelling Lists, Spelling Bees, and SAT Vocabulary Prep
It doesn't matter where you've been or who you are. Parents fear spelling lists and cramming. They agitate if their child is in the lower spelling group, which are even colorized because no one wants their child in the "D" block of kids for spelling lists.

Even in grade or grammar school, you think about all those spelling lists. Practice on Wednesday, test on Friday. The spelling bee experience is frightful but, on rare occasion, triumphant. The Inventive Director was an capable speller, but managed to finish in second place in both six grade and eighth grade. Worse yet are the public displays of getting axed. It is like solving a math problem orally and if you muff it badly, everyone is a witness. When it is a 'no-brainer' word, sympathy more than ridicule pervades the audience. For you, it is one thing - embarrassment.

Free for Fun at Last
Some still get a thrill out of vocabulary and spelling for their own sake, but limit that to some. Some word games have a worldwide following, but nothing like Sudoku. Like solitaire, you don't have to prove to anybody anything. There is no benchmark.

Other word games require you to demonstrate speed and raw knowledge and memory. It is a race for speed and volume and not much more. It becomes a brain dump, much like trivia games. LetterJAM! is for all. Try the playing card version of game - socially - to get hooked. It is especially amusing and entertaining because the smartest or most educated one does not necessarily win a JAM! session. Pair up, two-on-two, and it adds another layer of intrigue, bluffing and fun.

More ideas, games and fun are on their way. Numbers and notes would seem to naturally follow letters.
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